How to Participate

How does Carbon4Square work?

The competition is an annual event, with buildings able to join each fall during a registration period and recognition and awards announced each spring.  The competition centers on improving environmental performance through actions taken during each calendar year.  Demonstrated successes, actions, and innovative solutions will be evaluated against each year’s criteria, as established by BOMA Portland’s Sustainability Committee.  The Committee will evaluate progress after each cycle, making adjustments to the contest rules and requirements as needed:

The multi-year cycle allows building teams time to assess, budget, and implement sustainability initiatives knowing that their results will be recognized in the subsequent awards ceremony, regardless of start date.

How do I participate, and what happens next?

To sign your building up, simply fill out the registration form on this website.  Once you are registered, you will be assigned a “4Square Coach” that will act as your guide throughout the competition.  You and your coach will discuss your goals for participating in the competition, begin gathering data, benchmarking performance, and scheduling technical assistance as needed.

What resources and technical assistance will be offered to participating buildings?

A diverse group of organizations will provide competitors with expertise, advice, coaching, and technical assistance to give each building the resources to improve environmental performance.  The use of each of these services is voluntary by participants, and offered FREE:

This list is not comprehensive, additional programs and resources are currently being identified and secured for participants.

Note:  Some resources may not be available to all buildings depending on location and jurisdiction.  In these situations, each building’s “4Square Coach” will assist in identifying and coordinating with alternate resources and assistance should they be available.